Thank you for joining and supporting Conn Elementary PTA


Being a PTA member, you’re part of something bigger… It gives you membership to the State and National PTA and you are eligible for all exclusive PTA member benefits. But most important, your voice is being heard at all levels. More members, the louder the voice!


While you are here signing up, we hope you will also consider making a donation to our annual All for Conn fundraiser. Our no muss, no fuss fundraiser allows ALL money raised to stay at Conn, providing funds to help pay for the 30+ programs that we support including:

  • Student Support
  • Educator Support
  • Cultural Arts
  • Literacy/Media Support
  • Family Outreach & Advocacy


Membership dues are $10.00 per person. Both your dues and donation are 100% tax deductible. Simply make one payment for any amount from $10 to $100 (or beyond!) to cover both the PTA dues and your All For Conn donation.


Thank you!!

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